About Ann.

The body positive femme. ( I cant bring myself to change my original name)

It took some time but I finally found something for me. I started blogging a while back, unseriously at first. Slowly I have found a nook in this social verse that makes me feel all the lovely kind of butterflies. I guess writing here feels like music. It is challenging and fulfilling.

This is why I blog;

1. To provide a basis for honesty and consistency in my work.

2. To share my knowledge and also learn from others.

3. Sometimes I get abit confessional, this is because I always write what I feel in that moment.

4. I would like to communicate and hopefully be friends with alot of writers.

5. To get inspiration in order to innovate and create a steady income for myself.

In conclusion, I take this seriously now. Learning curves are welcome and good vibes take me for a loop. Let’s begin!

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